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A bit about Paul Hackett.
I was born in Melbourne in October 1964. I began bird photography in October 2001 in an attempt to identify the species I was seeing around the garden. I soon ran out of birds to identify so started travelling to see and photograph new birds. This interest soon increased to the point where I was more of a birdwatcher than photographer yet I never go anywhere without my camera gear and binoculars. I have since become a member of several clubs including BOCA, (Bird Observers Club of Australia), BAYBOCA, the bayside branch of BOCA and Birds Australia where I am currenty the Secretary of the Birds Australia Victoria, Committee.
I am very passionate about conservation and the restoration of natural habitat and would love to end up working in the field. I am studying Natural Resource Conservation and Restoration fulltime in the hope of qualifying for employment in the environmental field. I am 38 years old, single and live in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. If anyone has any questions or has a sighting of a rare bird in Victoria, please email me at